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Full name



Divino Claudio dos Santos Alves Gomes.

Date of birth: 19th of April 1964 Born: Goiania-GO, Brazil


Dancer, Dance teacher, Choreographer (in all Brazilian dances and Salsa) and Coach . Main-teacher, Leader and Founder of Claudio Gomes ZoukLovers. Claudio Gomes was a student following a Physical Education course at the -University of Ribeirao Preto / SP at 1988, transferred to the Faculdade do Estado de Goiás. This period he had to interrupt his studies to initiate his dance career.


In 1990, he started as a Samba and Lambada and Salsa dancer in the company of dance ´´SUN & SHADOW´´ in The Netherlands and at the same time starting his career as a dance teacher with a small group Claudio made up of six people. He began teaching Samba, Lambada, Salsa and Bolero this was a small beginning of a big career. After a few years Claudio Gomes became one of the most popular dance schools in the Netherlands: Centro de Dança Claudio Gomes


In January 2005 participated, gave workshop and dance show at the Lambada-Zouk congress in Porto Seguro / Brazil.


Participated, gave workshop and took classes at the congress of the Brazilian dances in Rio de Janeiro in January 2005. In february 2005 he : Was on television: With ZoukLover at ''Veronica's'' programm; De Grote Beurt. Articel in newspaper from Amsterdam about Him, his danceschool and the Braziliandances. In March 2005 he: Invited the Spanish LambaZoukdancers and teachers, Daniel and Leticia to give a workshop, show and training to promote and show the Brazilian dances that is danced in Spain. In April 2005 he performed with Miss Jane Records Zouksinger: Johnny Ramos Live concert in Rotterdam, Went to Brazil to work, and take classes at Brazilian collegues in Brasilia and Goiania. Interviewed for Money Transfer company - commercial ''Western Union International'' In May 2005 he performed and teached at the Big SummerSalsa-congress in Brussels-Belgium. Performed with Suzanna Lubrano and band at live concert at the Duyna-Festival - Holland. Got Interviewed for a newspaper: N10 (Rotterdam-Holland), In June 2005 he performed and taught at the Salsa/Zoukcongress in England - Pontins. Send his dance-couple ''Kwok Law and Josta'' to dance at televisionprogramm ''De Nachtsuite'' at RTL 4.


Made a ZoukLove instruction DVD for beginners and intermediates with Renate Nijland.


In April 2004 Claudio Gomes started a ZoukLoversDanceTeam in Brazil Goiania! In April 2004 Claudio Gomes went to Rio de Janeiro with Renate to share dance information with the best Zouk and Samba dancers and teachers from Rio de Janeiro, Adilio and Renata Porto, Chocolate and Luis-Claudio! gave successful summer courses Zouk and Samba in Holland, Amsterdam and The Hague. gave successful shows and workshops with his ZoukLovers Dance team. Joined the Salsa beach festival as a teacher, performer, and choreographer in Scheveningen, Holland! With his ZoukLovers-dance team performed and gave classes at the 1st Zouk-Lambada Congress in Barcelona, Spain. In August 2004 he Entertained the public and organized a party at Summer Breeze Festival in Amsterdam / Holland in the summer from this year. Opened his new dance school, specialized in the Brazilian dances: Claudio Gomes ZoukLovers. In September 2004 he Invited the Brazilian Forró / Samba de Gafieira / Zouk-teachers: Luis-Floriao and Adriana to his dance school ZoukLovers to give a workshop and show and special training for his dancers and to promote the Brazilian dance-culture.


In October 2004 he-invited the Brazilian and Spanish LambaZouk and Capoeira-teachers to give a workshop, show to promote and show the Brazilian (dance) culture in Holland. In November 2004 he-invited the Spanish LambaZoukdancers and teachers, Daniel and Leticia to give a workshop, show and training to promote and show the Brazilian dances that is danced in Spain. Was an important jury member at the 1st Zouk contest in Holland in November. In December 2004 he-invited his own Brazilian teachers Adilio and Renata Porto from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil to give a workshop, show and training to improve and promote the Brazilian dances in Holland  


Claudio is very active this year with the promotion of Zouk Love in Holland, his style of Zouk he brought to Holland at the end of the 90´s!

This year he made new choreographies for his own performances, his new dance-demonstration group made of his Zoukstudents and his new professional Dance team Zouklovers!.  He brought Zouk to different dance schools in Holland: Salseros The Hague and Rotterdam. He arranged some performances for this dance groups and he offered an intensive Summer- and winter course Zouk Love, Samba de Pe, Samba de Gafieira and Axe which was very successful! He started also together with Renate a Salsa/Zouk party in Bowlingworld, which now still is a successful party in The Hague! The rest of the year he spend a lot of his time in Brazil, investing in the dances by going to different places and famous teachers of the Brazilian dances and share information with them.


Participated in the Festival Holanda Latina, as a choreographer from the dance  company of Dos Bailadores.
participated in a program of de Dutch TV; I love the 80’s. gave a presentation at International Salsa Congress in the summer


participated;* In the International Salsa Congress in New York.


In this period also in the International Salsa Congress in Montreal /  Canada.


In the Festival Holland Latina, as the choreographer from the dance company of Centro de Dança Dos Bailadores  


had Special participation in the popular program, from the Dutch   TV "Soundmixshow". He gave a Salsa-show.


was;  A teacher and dancer in the international Dance Meeting in Rotterdam


Dancer and choreographer of the Bloco Carnavalesco Casa Brasil / Holland in the Summer carnival in Rotterdam, winner of the award of the most  popular block of the carnival. Having fact of highlight in three Dutch  newspapers,
in July. * Dancer and choreographer for the video clip of the singer ``Gerard Joling``in May of 2000, the song ``Numero Uno``. Dancer and choreographer for German TV ZDF in the   program “Sonntaskonzet”.  A teacher and dancer in the International “Samba Meeting” in Amsterdam- the Netherlands in 2000. The teacher and choreographer of the winning couple from the European Salsa Contest in Sweden. The teacher and dancer in the International Dance Congress in Rotterdam. - gave;* A presentation in the program “Call TV” with his daughter Stéphanie, in   June, on the television sender Veronica. A Presentation with the world known Zouk singers, Phill Control (France) and Suzanna (Holland). An Interview with Brazilian newspaper in The Netherlands “O PAPAGAIO”   in October/ November.


Claudio gave an interview for the Magazine of dance Oye Listen. A presentation with the Claudio Gomes Dance Company in one of the programs of big audience in the Dutch television “Vergeet je tandenborstel niet”.


A presentation of the International Congress of dance in Rotterdam, as a dancer and teacher in 1999. Was a teacher and dancer in the World congress Bacardi de la Salsa in Valencia, where he was the dancer interviewed by a radio sender of Barcelona, be named as a dancer in highlight. participated in a documentary made by the Brazilian newspaper’s "O  Papagaio” between 1999/2000


He gave: A presentation and interview for the program “5 in het land” for the Dutch TV RTL-5* Presentations in the Summer Carnival in Rotterdam, dancing with the  bands Palante  and ´´SAMBADAM``. An interview for the Dutch Newspaper ``De Telegraaf´´, in 1998.  participated in the International Dance Meeting in Brasilia / DF.

-was; * A dancer from the Company of promotion of the Show Ford, which included  all Holland and part of Europe, working with the biggest names in Music world and dancers from The Netherlands and also from Europe in


Participated * In the television program ``call TV`` from the Dutch Television, presenting with the famous Cuban group El MEDICO DE LA SALSA. * In the Meeting of International Dance Jaime Aroxa`` in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In a video clip of the famous band Rumbatá, witch represented The Netherlands in the festival of Cali in Colombia. Was the teacher of the winning couple at the international contest of salsa in Curacao.  gave; A show with his Claudio Gomes Dance Company in Antwerpen, Belgium. He danced at the American singer show “La India” the salsa diva. An interview for the dance magazine ´´Oye Listen``Gave a presentation with the most famous salsa group of the world in the   Marcanti Plaza in Amsterdam ``Grupo Niche`’, Grupo Niche visited his Dance school in this period.


-Participated;* In the Dutch film ``Advokaat van de hanen`, directed by Gernt van Elst.

-In the video clip from the famous North American Salsa Band ``Elemento 10``

- Gave a presentation in a documentary presented by the television sender SBS6,  produced by the Dutch Academy of Cinema.

- An interview for the German dance magazine ´´El salsero´´,


Opened two dance schools under his leading in the main cities of The Netherlands (Amsterdam and The Hague). This schools became in a short time one of the most popular and well-known schools in the Dutch society. In 1998 Claudio sold his school, because he didn’t have time to run his own places anymore in Holland and want to focus himself to spend more time and build something up in his own country `Brazil`.


is the teacher from the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th placed couples of the National Salsa Contest, 
Version Rotterdam - Holland.* The winning couples of the National Salsa Contest, version Amsterdam -  Holland.


Participated; * In a Dutch film, directed by Heidi ter Stal. In the program Studio Rembrandt from de Dutch TV.



was interviewed by the international magazine ELLE, being recognized as "the King of the Lambada" in the same year.- appeared in the newspaper “UITKRANT” promoting the Salsa dance movement.  Claudio Gomes is founder of two dance centers in The Hague and Amsterdam (Holland), with himself as dance teacher, dancer and choreographer for more than 10 years, from 1990 till 2001 in The Netherlands and in several countries of the world, forming dancers and dance teachers, witch are divulgating our culture in peculiar countries. Claudio Gomes did presentations in de years from 1996 till 2000 with his ``CLÁUDIO GOMES DANCE COMPANY`` in the big tropical International Festival in Scheveningen / Holland, with national and international artists. Claudio Gomes did lots of presentations for the big company ``Creation Events`` everywhere The Netherlands, this together with different well-known artists (The Party Pub) in the years from 1997 till 2002, as also with ``Expressive Events`` in the same period. He has experience as a dancer, and because of the pledge work he became one of the most respected professionals in this area, on international level.  He participated in international congresses, dance meetings, workshops and videos of instructions where he divulgated our culture. Specialized in dancing, teaching and making choreographies for the following dances, organizing activities around the following dances: Salsa, Merengue, Bolero, Samba de Pé, Samba de Gafieira, Samba Pagode, Lambada, Zouk, Forró and Axé.


Graduation in Physical Education. / Courses & Trainings: Every one in the dance area in dance congresses inbetween 1990 and 2014. Participation in congresses·International dance congress; Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, USA, Valencia / Spain, New York / USA, Montreal / Canada, Barcelona / Spain, Porto Seguro / Brazil, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.


English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.



Activities; Dance teacher, dancer and choreographer, Party-organizer, promoter and entertainer.


Workshops: Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, England, Belgium, Denmark and Swiss.


Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Puerto Rico and Denmark.

Instruction dvd

ZoukLove: The Netherlands – Production Netherlands, Internet

Instruction video

Salsa: The Netherlands – Production. Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England and by Internet .



  "Not only is dancing my life,
but working with people and bringing out the best 
in them, that I see as a privilege"
  Claudio Gomes


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