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Claudio Gomes, maestro de baile! Zoukambassador the claudio gomes dancepage

International Zouk Ambassador (Brazilian dances)

 In 1991 Claudio Gomes started his danceschool "Centro de danca Claudio Gomes"

Claudio is one of the "first" dance teachers in the Netherlands who initiated in 1991 to teach the Lambada and Samba, later Salsa & Merenque, Samba de Gafieira, Samba no Pé, Bolero, Axé and in 1997 Zouk.



Zouk is a romantic modernised Lambada.

Not only is Claudio unique for his elegant, sensual and sensational body styles, truly he is the 1-and-only original Brazilian Zouk-ambassador in The Netherlands. Claudio Gomes is passion in elegance and style!



Claudio has been a stimulating factor for many of his students

Claudio Gomes has been a stimulating factor for many of his students and he offered several of his students the opportunity to join him in national shows for Dutch and German television and/or to perform at international workshops (Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Puerto Rico, New York and Surinam). Here we are 24 years later and Brazilian dances (especial Zouk) are becoming more and more popular.



Nowadays almost every bigger city has a danceschool offering courses in Brazilian dances

Unique is that most of these danceschool owners and/or Salsa & Zouk teachers are former students of Claudio Gomes. He introduced Zouk to them and thaught them the basics.



In 2004 Claudio Gomes started ZoukLovers

Claudio Gomes & ZoukLovers organise Brazilian dance courses in several cities in The Netherlands and they perform at international shows within Europe and oversees. In 2007 Claudio Gomes started Academia de dança Claudio Gomes (in Goiania-Brazil) a popular dance school offering classes in: Forró/Sertanejo, Dança de Salão, Samba, Zouk.



In 2007 Claudio Gomes started Academia de danca Claudio Gomes in Goiania - Brazil

Since 2007 Claudio has been working in his danceschool in Goiania, teaching popular brazilian dances such as Forro, Danca de Salao, Danca de Ventre, Samba, Zouk, Bolero entre outras.



Are you interested in Brazilian dances?

If you are interested in Brazilian dances you are at the right place with Claudio Gomes, a true maestro de baile! Enjoy your stay at the Claudio Gomes website. When you are interested in our classes or workshops please do contact us. 









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