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 Learn how to ZoukLove





 What is Zouk Love?




Zouk Love Dance is sexy, sensual and beautiful to see and for sure fun to dance! It can be danced by all kinds of people, of all ages and nationalities. Zouk is growing in popularity all over the world. Zouk Love is Claudio's romantic interpretation off the famous Lambada dance.


About Claudio Gomes

Claudio Gomes (19.04.64 Brazil) is known as a professional dancer, danceteacher and choreographer in all Brazilian dances, Salsa and Bolero. Starting in 1990 in a showgroup he very soon started his dance school (1991) in Amsterdam "Centro de danca Claudio Gomes" and he offered classes in Samba, Lambada, Bolero and Salsa, and a little later Pagode, Axé and in 1997 he introduced Zouk in The Netherlands. His career made him wellknown and popular in the international danceworld. He made his own Salsa instruction video "How to learn Salsa" (1998). Claudio still is a teacher, performs as a dancer but concentrates on choreography. He is professional involved as a teacher and choreographer in several projects.


Claudio about Zouk Love

Claudio was imediatly in love with Zouk when he saw it the first time in Rio de Janeiro (1997) at the second International Dancemeeting where Adilio and Renata gave a "Zouk Presenta". Claudio started learning Zouk with Adilio and Renata and they inspired him to develop his unique style called Zouk Love. With this video  you will learn in a simple, relaxed way to dance the basics and some beautiful movements of Zouk Love. After enjoying this video you are prepared to enter wonderful exciting Zouk moments on the dancefloor. 



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