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Podium: lichaam & ziel / praktijk


This article explains about Zouk, the dance. Though in te article is written that Zouk is "erotical" it is not, it is rather a "sensual" dance. Especialy women learn to dance very feminin and gracefully. It is a very good fysical body exercise as well! Zouk is becoming more popular for all ages. Even on a saterdaymorning 11.00 a.m students are waiting for Claudio Gomes to arrive in The Hague to give new classes. Besides the fact that he is te original Zouk ambassador in The Netherlands he is a serious teacher. He pays lots of attention to elegance and style and he wants to see "the real thing" in his students. He will make you work during class and at the same time he keeps the aptmosphere comfortable.     Met passie; article written by Cathelijne Esser.




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