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Zouk e uma dança muito linda, sensual, romântica e apaixonante. Dança que tem sua origem na Lambada que por falta de novas gravações aderiu a musica Zouk, música esta que com o passar dos anos influenciou a dança, passando por uma transformação, ficando mais suave, sensual, apaixonante, elegante, fina, estilizada e técnica. Tem crescido muito nos últimos anos, tomando um espaço considerável  na cultura mundial, através de grandes e corajosos profissionais, professores, dançarinos e coreógrafos, que com a fundação de escolas de dança Latino-brasileiras, shows, festivais e congressos, vem divulgando e propagando esta dança tão linda e apaixonante, ao mesmo tempo abrindo portas e oportunidades para as demais danças e cultura brasileira. Tudo isso e muito mais voce encontra na Academia de Dança Zouklovers Claudio Gomes. 



The music

Exploded from the French Antilles Islands (Guadalaloupe and Martinique) on to the international music scene in the mid 80s. Created in the late 70s by a small group of Guadalaloupian musicians residing in Paris, Zouk presented global influences that touched millions of in the French speaking African diaspora. With the Paris recording studios as a common meeting ground, musicians from Africa and the Caribbean gathered to exchange ideas and Zoukify their respective pop music forms, placing an mark on the Soukous of Zaire, Congo, the Makossa of Cameroon and of others. Haitian musicians, a mayor influence in the French Antilles music scene where deeply affected by Zouk as were to a lesser degree Engish speaking Caribbean artists from the Virgin Islands to Montserrat and Antigua. In its bubbly, light loping beat one can hear elements from Haiti, Guadalaloupe, Dominica, Martinique with dashes from Paris, Zaire, Antigua, Trinidad, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Puerto Rico. With so many influences its not surprising that popular Zouk can range from highly percussive driving dance music to a slow ballad or french disco.


The dance

Zouk draws in power from the rich heritage of Africa and the Caribbean. Its a graceful dance that has evolved from Lambada, a dance born in Porte Seguro,Bahia, Brazil. This partnerdance is characterized by its wavy movements with many turns. It includes elements common to Hustle, Salsa, Merengue, Samba Swing and others. The music makes you feel like you cant sit still. Zouk is not only an elegant, graceful and beautiful dance, but also a good exercise,stress relieving and lots of fun. Dancing Zouk is immensely popular in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Bueno Aires, London, and New York. 



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